Athena Children’s homes, provide 52 week residential care for children and young people who are unable to live at home and for whom a foster family is currently unsuitable.


With a dedicated and professional team Athena provides a complete range of services packaged for the individual needs of Local Authorities and their young people. The ethos of the organisation is to ensure that young people are provided with the quality of care they need in order to become positive members of their community and live independently successfully when they have completed their transition into adulthood.

We believe that every person is an individual. Our care programmes are therefore individually tailored to meet the needs of our young people. With our qualified and trained staff at Athena we provide a safe and secure environment where young people can develop and are supported through difficulties. We aim to give young people a sense of trust and security, so that they can realise their full potential. 


Young people have their say on decorating their bedrooms, deciding house rules and picking what’s on the menu each week. By empowering the young people to make decisions on issues that directly affect their lives, helps to give them a sense of belonging, encouraging them to feel more at home and positive about engaging with staff.


Our Children’s homes have spaces for young people aged between 12 -18 years old and we will accept both planned and emergency referrals.


All our homes work to give individuals the chance to flourish with the key outcome of being to assist the child or young person with the crisis or issues currently faced whilst simultaneously helping them develop the skills and abilities they would need to move on either back to their parents, into foster care or into independent living.