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Specialist residential care and support 

Athena is a specialist residential care service designed to support people of all ages who have a range of complex needs requiring support, guidance and assistance on a wide range of subjects during from transition process into independent living through to parenting.

We are a national resource, currently based in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire and are also collaborating with several other local authorities to develop resources in order that people do not have to move out of their domiciliary region.

Athena provides an outstanding quality of mentoring and guidance; this is instrumental in helping our residents to modify and change any negative behaviour, take learning seriously, and make good progress. The individually tailored packages are outstanding, being broad and personalised exceptionally to meet the highly specific needs of each individual.

Athena is professional and committed to an open and honest exchange of information in order to enable accurate assessment of risk and effective planning for best outcomes for the people we work with. We are open, caring and respectful and we welcome enquiries and confidential discussions. Athena will make individual plans, beginning the transition into their new accommodation from the current residence if possible, and if appropriate, providing them with a key worker that will remain consistent for them throughout their placement.

Athena support teams will engage in early discussions and facilitate meetings and visits for residents, their families and significant others, social worker and other relevant professionals. We believe in full participation and involvement of the people we support in the planning process and are flexible and creative in engaging their interests.

We provide a range of services, all of which are tailored during an initial assessment to ensure the needs of each individual person placed with us.