Athena Ethos

With dedicated and professional staffing teams Athena provide a complete range of services packages for the individual needs of Local Authorities and the people they support. The ethos of the organisation is to ensure that residents are provided with the quality of care they need in order to become positive members of their community and live independently successfully when they have completed their transitions.

We believe that every person is an individual. Our care programmes are therefore individually tailored to meet the needs of our residents. With our qualified and trained staff at Athena we provide a safe and secure environments where children and young people and families can develop and are supported through difficulties. We aim to give our residents a sense of trust and security, so that they can realise their full potential.

Athena can operate a commercially viable and high quality service that values its staff and is completely child focused without compromising our excellent standards and principles and we aim to become the leading name in specialist care provisions. Athena provides a dynamic outcome based service, committed to the promotion of the aspirations, rights and wellbeing of the people they work with, whilst simultaneously working towards creating safer communities.

Our culture is one that promotes a sense of belonging and ownership for each and every member of staff by promoting team spirit and ultimately pass this sense of belonging on to our residents.


The people we work with are our priority; we encourage a sense of personal responsibility and help set realistic goals based on high aspirations and their own individual benchmarks – taking into consideration their past experiences and level of ability and understanding. Athena are solution-orientated and pass this thought process on to the residents.

Athena have exceptionally high standards and expectations, pursuing excellence in all aspects of our service delivery and backing this up with commitment to support that is reflected in our staff retention ability.