It is very easy to make a referral with Athena. Once a possible referral is identified and all the relevant information is available you can contact us and begin the young person’s transition into independence.

This will be done with an initial assessment of the young person to gain knowledge of their level of needs so we can ensure they are met. The transition will then begin if we are able to cater for their specific requirements.

This will consist of the young person being allocated a key worker who we will try to keep consistent throughout their time with Athena. The key worker will put together a transition and pathway plan including the young person, relevant professionals and any significant others whilst forming the plan. The key worker will begin work with the young person whilst they are at their current residence if this is possible to enable a trusting partnership to begin to build into a positive professional relationship. Athena find this makes the transition process a little less daunting for our young people and gives them an understanding of what their next step in life will be.

Please Contact us to discuss any enquiry or referral with our team.

You can also download our Referral Form by clicking the icon below; which can be returned to us by post or email when complete.

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