Our Services

Athena’s ethos and culture revolves around each individual. The people we work with are at the heart of everything we do; consultation, involvement and participation underpin every aspect of our work, from decorating their homes, planning and preparing meals, right through to work placements, and beyond.

Our residents are encouraged to participate in a broad range of community based pro-social pursuits and interests. Each step of their integration is carefully selected and Risk Assessed, with community safety issues considered of paramount importance. Incremental steps are taken wherever appropriate as part of clear, focussed intervention strategies. We apply a multi-agency approach to our task, communicating and working closely with public protection agencies.


All of our residents receive ongoing support to address the issues that have resulted in their placement with us. The residents are fully informed and involved in planning decisions. We establish placement goals that provide clarity for the individuals we work with. By assisting in making sense of issues, it increases participation, motivation and insight into the change process.

We use a flexible approach to our direct work, believing a ‘one approach fits all’ philosophy restricts potential for change. We apply a systemic approach to our understanding and resolution of the complex situations many of our residents encounter. This often involves working closely with families and significant others.

Each person placed with us has a starting point and a point they want to get to. Once the baseline is established and the “Goal” determined, the journey between these two points is planned and the path is taken by that individual. The plan is worked out between the Athena teams and the residents in their initial sessions and the journey is conducted via integration of education, community and appropriate relationships, with Athena staff supporting them every step of the way.

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