Child Sexual Exploitation

All our young people receive ongoing support, where needed, for the reasons that have resulted in their placement with us. Young people are fully informed and involved in planning decisions. We establish placement goals that provide clarity for the young person. By engaging with the young people, it increases participation, motivation and insight into the change process. Athena will also use local resources to provide mentoring and intervention to equip young people with the information they need to make positive and safer choices. Lois will also complete sessional work with the young people when required to build self-esteem and confidence.

We use a flexible approach to our direct work, believing a ‘one approach fits all’ philosophy restricts potential for change. We apply a systemic approach to our understanding and resolution of the complex situations many of our young people encounter. This often involves working closely with young peoples families or significant others.

In Athena we have homes dedicated to young people who are at risk of or are being sexually exploited. These homes are single gender homes and have a maximum of four young people. Many of our young people hold statements of special educational needs (SEN) which can add to their vulnerability within the community. We can accommodate a wide range of complex and learning difficulties and offer bespoke packages of care based on individual requirements.

Each young person has a starting point and a point they want to get to. Once the baseline is established and the “Goal” determined, the journey between these two points is planned and the path is taken by that young person. The plan is worked out between the Athena team and the young person in their initial sessions and the journey is conducted via integration of education, community and appropriate relationships, with Athena staff supporting them every step of the way.

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